NOW HIRING  |  Passionate Physician Assistants with Surgical Experience

We are actively seeking experienced surgery-specialized physician assistants to help us fill turnkey roles in a variety of urban Texas healthcare settings.

Maybe you are who we’re looking for. Can you provide high-quality surgical assistance with impeccable professionalism? Do you have a positive attitude about your chosen profession? Are you able to sustain a commitment to helping our provider-partners cut costs, maximize efficiency, and provide outstanding care? …If so, you may be just the professional we need.

Total Care: We make your interests ours.

At USP, we are passionate about creating a work culture through which our associates can accomplish their goals, both professionally and personally. As with our provider-partners, we aim for a win-win relationship with all our employees. Your satisfaction is an integral part of our mission.

Want to work for Universal Surgical Partners?

We’d be happy to take a look at your qualifications. Submit an application today!

Why work for Universal Surgical Partners?

Because we maintain a Total Care philosophy.

USP’s ethic of Total Care philosophy defines how we engage with our valued employees. There are five important points:

  • We make sure you stay securely employed at a job you like that pays off and has fantastic benefits.
  • We pay the cost of maintaining your professional status through licensing, facility credentialing, immunizations, liability insurance, and CME reimbursements.
  • We seek and develop opportunities for your career development and upward mobility.
  • We offer bonus incentives to staff who cultivate new business opportunities on our behalf.
  • We make sure your contributions stay in high demand by integrating cost-conscious efficiency goals into the core work of surgical assisting.

We  provide:

  • Major medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 2 weeks annual paid vacation time (Full-time employees only)
  • Continuing education reimbursement
  • 401K retirement plan for qualified employees per IRS rules
  • Payroll processing with direct deposit option available