Health Care IT for Texas Surgeons, Simplified

Can’t afford a bunch of new technologies to keep your surgical practice competitive?

 You can’t afford not to. Let USP make it affordable so you can watch the benefits roll in.

FROM ICD-10 TO HIPAA 2015 AND EHRs, IT savvy is no longer optional for the modern Surgical Provider. But you don’t have to do it all on your own.


Tap USP to forge a higher-performing business powered by modern technology. We’ll run an IT audit to capture your current technical capacity and areas for improvement. We can, for instance, help you convert to an electronic billing system that pays for itself. And you can always leverage our performance tracking tools to learn what works and what doesn’t.

WITH OUR EXPERT ASSISTANCE, you can meet all the most important technological benchmarks for a modernized surgical practice.                                              .


Host all your data and web properties on our secure enterprise-grade servers, including EHRs and business email, at no additional cost. Outsource the tens of thousands of dollars in upfront and ongoing costs that come with owning your own servers. Rest assured of HIPAA compliance in patient information storage. Get regular backups of your crucial data.

BY FRONTING YOU THE INITIAL CAPITAL, we help even cash-strapped businesses level up with proven innovations like electronic records and e-billing.


Whatever your vision for your surgical practice looks like, we can help with the legwork and heavy lifting. Lean on us to achieve your most important goals. Enjoy ongoing tech support and a team that’s always up to speed. We also provide staff training in digital tools and technology-assisted work processes to keep your extenders IT-competent.


Introduce critical efficiencies and thoughtful design into your workflow. It’s all about performance.


Maximize communication between team members to reduce errors and delays. Get streamlined.


Get compliant with key protocols like ICD-10 and EHRs. Do it with minimum hassle.                                                                                                         z


Unearth ways to cut costs and maximize earnings throughout your practice. Be lean and profitable.


Boost coordination and information flow to enhance the quality of care. Make those patients happy.


Maximize communication between team members to reduce errors and delays. Get streamlined.

Advance on our clock and dime.

If you are a Texas Surgical Provider without the time or cash to sacrifice for a bunch of new tech, consider a fruitful partnership with Universal Surgical Partners. You can advance your practice on our clock and dime. It’s a gratifying way to meet your IT needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Get in touch with A Partner You Can Trust.

Thank you for considering a fruitful partnership with our firm. Your needs are our strategic objectives. To learn more about how we can facilitate the modernization of your business: Call (832) 655-4141 and ask to speak our IT service representative. Or, simply email us at

Develop your capacity.

No matter your level of resources, we can help you launch a more profitable and patient-friendly business, and relieve your stress to a great extent. Our experience-rooted insights will help you develop the technical capacity to weather big changes in the industry and meet the highest expectations in modern day of patient care.

We'll put technology to work for you.