We specialize in the revenue cycles of surgical practices in the Lone Star State.

The folks at Universal Surgical Partners are billing pros and managed care mavens with out-of-network skills and a penchant for sharp contract negotiations. Drawing on 15+ years of medical billing experience, we can help you get organized for maximum efficiency, speed, and reimbursement. Read on to learn how our billing specialists can work for you.


Spend less time on insurance. Make more money. Achieve billing nirvana.

Want to learn more about our billing services? Call (832) 655-4141, or simply email us at We are happy to answer any questions you may have at no cost or obligation.


Efficient Claims & Payment Processing

We have years of experience wrangling with insurers. By now, we’ve got claims processing down to a science, backed by a wealth of insider knowledge and experience-driven insight. Once we get to work, you’ll see what we mean. Our new clients tend to see a large jump in their reimbursements right away.

USP also helps Texas Surgical Providers modernize their billing systems for greater efficiency and simplicity. We can help you set up online bill pay, integrate electronic patient records and bills, or implement other technologies vital for 21st century surgical practice. You can lean on our capital reserves to make it happen.

 Smart Revenue Cycle Performance Management

How is your financial health? If there’s room for improvement, we can help.Our stewardship over your revenue cycle translates to your enhanced earning potential as a Surgical Provider. Through comprehensive audits, regular reporting, and careful observation and analysis, we help you develop a strategy for cutting costs that keeps you profitable and takes your practice to the next level.

USP deploys competent and seasoned professionals to help you meet your financial goals in ways that make sense to you. We only implement solutions that reflect your vision for your own practice. Our services are designed to maximize your control over the present and future of your surgical business.

Payer Contracts & Credentialing

Insurance carriers are happy to err on the side of underpayment or no payment. Payer contracts will remain a thorn in the side of your surgical practice if you don’t know how or don’t have the time to make them perform.

USP will manage your contracts and keep an eye out for your interests at no additional cost to you. As your partner, we will:

  • Negotiate desirable contracts with insurance carriers on your behalf.
  • Quickly identify contracts that aren’t in the best interest of your practice.
  • Maintain positive relationships with your payers and track changes that affect your bottom line.
  • Take every opportunity to negotiate contract terms more favorable to your practice. Our proactive oversight will help ensure you always get your fair share of the pie.


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