Surgical Providers across America face an unrelenting storm of bureaucratic requirements, proprietary rules, and government regulations. They’re being asked to do more with less. Burnout is rampant and morale, low.

Universal Surgical Partners (USP) liberates Texas Surgeons from this rut. We take your business and administrative challenges and turn them into opportunities for improved efficiency and team morale – at no additional cost to you.

When you partner with USP, you will be able to:

Improve the quality of patient care


Get your accounts in order


Optimize for efficiency and cut waste


Cut costs by sharing overhead expenses with USP


Grow your revenue using proven methods


Reduce liability risks

Our services let you reap the benefits of practice management innovation while reducing your total workload. Learn more about how our partnership model works on the About Us page.


Get the locally credentialed personnel you need, when you need them. Our physician assistants are ready to work for you and the success of your surgical practice. We’ll help you bring in the necessary staff to fill mission-critical roles as your practice expands.


We can streamline your billing process, take care of the logistics, and make changes that benefit your bottom line. Turn claims into cash faster. Just say no to billing stress.


Introduce efficiencies into your workflow. Grow your capacity and productivity. Improve patient safety and reduce liability risks. Link quality of care to financial performance. Promote patient and employee satisfaction. Outwit burnout.


Contracts are among the most hated chores in the business of healthcare. Let us handle it. Our coding and credentialing experts will keep you current and help you get more from your contracts.


Expand your patient base and communicate a sharp brand image for your patients to remember you by. Marketing makes it happen. We can help with websites, logos, promotional materials and more.


Yesterday’s novelty technologies are today’s survival tools. Why not modernize your practice on our dime? We’ll provide the hardware and software, train your staff, secure your data, and optimize for efficiency.


Let USP handle the administrative and operational heavy lifting at your practice. A business relationship with Universal reliably yields peace of mind. We offer the best co-management partnership for Texas surgeons – bar none. So you can do what you do best: provide high-quality surgical care second to none.


For premium surgical practice management and consulting in Texas, consider Universal. Find out more about how our business model can benefit you by contacting us by phone at (832) 655-4141 or by emailing us at


Suit up with solutions beautifully tailored to your management needs – whether you’re a small time Surgical Provider or a high-volume surgeon in a multi-specialty group. We always respect our partners’ clinical autonomy. A USP partnership affords you maximum control over your own affairs.

To compete with the best of them